Explain Why Children Should Not Be Allowed To Play Sports Persuasive Essay

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Children between the ages 4-6 should get a trophy for playing a sport. Yes, some people would say no to this, but they don’t look at it as the way I do. Like Little League no 5 year old is going to be prefect at playing the sport they choose. They are little kids having fun and really not into the game. Plus all of the fits that their family would have to deal with when the season is over. This is why children should get trophy even if they just participation.
First, children at a young age that plays sports should be rewarded with a trophy even if the only thing they did was set on the side. Yes kids, don’t really know about the sport they’re playing because they don’t care and they play the game just to have fun. Or their family just wants them to get out of the house and do something and not playing games or laying around. At those ages they’re really not going to be any good at that sport because they are just starting out. So why shouldn’t they
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Also they would possible practice to become better at the sport and have a good outlook on the sport. Even change their attitude toward people and work better as a team. As they play the game their also learn new life lesson for the future. If they didn’t get rewarded they wouldn’t work well on a team and even the attitude would change around other people.
Finally, children between the ages 4-6 years old should be rewarded with a trophy no matter what they did while playing the sport. So they would learn how to work with a team and change their attitude about the sport. Plus it would make you a better person in the feature. Also the family wouldn’t have to worried about how to cheer their child up. Also wouldn’t have to deal with the fits that their child would have if they didn’t get a trophy. Finally they’re just little kids playing they first sport so there is a big chance that they wouldn’t be prefect at playing the

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