Explain Why Children Should Not Be Tried As Adults

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Although many people view kids as a symbol of innocence and purity, many of their actions signify otherwise. The age of 18, which by law states people as adults, is more like a guideline when it comes to everyday activities. When a heinous crime is committed by one of these underaged citizens, the same punishment should definitely be applied, taking into consideration the seriousness of the crime and the victim. Thompson states that kids should not be tried as adults because their brain is not developed as an adult’s brain is. That study does not specifically explain why juveniles act the way they do. Brain development does not necessarily make an individual be any more violent. On the contrary, I think that the fact that their brain is not entirely developed, gives …show more content…

Yes, everyone feels bad that a thirteen year old is going to prison, but do they feel bad that the victims’ parents will no longer be able to see their son or daughter again? The families that are emotionally hurt have to live with the sorrow forever throughout their life, whereas a criminal is still given the choice to live, even if it is in a prison.The criminal’s parents are still allowed to visit as well. So why feel bad for the young criminal but forget about the victim and his or her family? Without justice, the world would be chaotic. If a criminal is given the chance change, how will one be completely sure if they did change or not? Lying that they have changed and are willing to turn their life around in order to remain free sounds like an easy way out. Then, they will most likely continue committing crimes because they will then know that no serious punishment will be given to them. Without the fear of going to prison for life, it will give freedom to those juveniles to continue their wrong doings. Yes some may change, but why take a risk that may lead to a

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