Explain Why College Professors Are Better Than High School Teachers

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The college professors outside of freshmen year are way less forgiving than high school teachers. College professors don’t always check your work on blackboard because they have to deal with hundreds of students. When I’m in a class with 100 plus students all of my work is due online because it’s too many people to deal with one on one, so if you have to be on your assignments. In college if you are struggling with the material you have to make the initiative for help, unlike in high school if a teacher sees you struggling you 'll get more one on one attention. To be successful you must go to their office hours because thats when you 'll get your relationship with the professor. Missing class is not smart because of the fast pace, you 'll miss out on notes and helpful material especially if it’s a three hour night class. Your professor is most likely has a doctorate in the field they are teaching unlike in college the football coach can be a guidance counselor but…show more content…
High school testing is noticeably easier than college for general reasons. High school teachers give you more quizzes and tests but they only cover the material the teacher has covered for that chapter; college professors will give you large amounts of material over a long period of time and expect you to remember and pass the one of the few tests you 'll get all year. There is always a make up test in high school but in college not so much, teachers aren 't too lenient about make up tests when they give you a week in advance to do it. Teachers will often reschedule the test in case of school events with conflicting dates. College professors don’t care they just want the work turned in, I’ve had a situation where the team was at the hotel and we didn 't have wifi and the teacher said I couldn 't make up the test even though I told him I was not going to be on campus. Teachers will review the most important concepts and perspectives for their students, in college the most you 'll get is an online
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