Essay On Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government

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WHY DEMOCRACY IS THE BEST FORM OF GOVERNMENT? There are many government types in the world because people try to have the best type. Until so far some of government types were tried. Generally most of country practiced democracy from past to present. Democracy provides liberties and rights to citizenships with voting and society can predestinate freely. Turkey is accepted semi-democratic country today. For me, Turkey should turn into full-democratic country immediately in modern age otherwise country would be brought to the brink of chaos and face many political problems. However some of dissidents allege other regime type can be favorable for Turkey except democracy. For instance, somebody who thinks that we should live again term of Ottoman…show more content…
From the past, some famous people rejected usefulness of democracy, Winston Churchill says that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time and Tom Stoppard says that it's not the voting that's democracy, and it’s the counting. But they go unnoticed that without democracy statesman can be abuse public inserts easily. In Turkey there are many supporters of Ottoman Empire which practiced monarchy. I don’t think so that reign of the Ottoman practices again in modern age. I accept Ottoman Empire was successful and great empire but I don’t say that this state practices favorable to human rights completely. When appropriate, Ottoman allocated fratricide for continuity of the state. I mean, in 21st century states should make decision as universal law and these decision shouldn’t contrarian to human rights. However somebody defends authoritarian regimes because they can make decision quickly, dictators overlook other opinions and in some dictators provide developing of economy. But generally they don’t them with good ways virginally. Some believers also defend that authoritarian regimes are suitable for human this idea maybe right but every time nature can’t be implemented because human nature include greed, ambition, and egoism so democracy is participative and for
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