Explain Why Did European Powers Seek Overseas Empires After 1850

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Why did European powers seek overseas empires after 1850? In the years leading up to 1850, European powers sought to introduce the world to unchartered lands and unimaginable opportunities for adventure. The Age of Discovery during the early modern period in Europe posed as an age that redefined the idea of exploration. Since the age of discovery, principles such as capitalism and imperialism became the foundation for colonization after 1850. After 1850, it became apparent that interests in overseas empires was ultimately inevitable as Europe began to industrialize and gain military and technological power. European powers became dangerously ambitious towards the end of the 19th century as Europe sought to establish its godly presence through colonialism.…show more content…
As technological and military advancements came about, the development of a capitalist market and economy encouraged european powers to conquer overseas empires. In order to keep up with this rapid development, european powers developed a sense of greed and unrelentless ambition. European powers sought to colonize non western societies in search of a cheap labor resources that can be sold as foreign imports that could support their capitalist society. Also, as each country experienced progress, the pressure to rise in power resulted in tough competition to be the most powerful force. Aside from economic gain, european powers were inspired to colonize overseas empires due to unrelentling ambition. The more territories a country conquered, the more glory and power were awarded. Although the conquering of overseas empires brought about political and economic advantages, colonies were often exposed to inhumane treatment and discrimination. Colonization among the European powers created a legacy of evil and egotism as many colonies suffered from the burden of European

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