Explain Why Did Hitler Hate Jews

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Why did Hitler hate the Jews so much? Nobody knows the exact reason why he was so cruel to them. Some people say things like “he was furious with his Jewish grandfather”, and many other things. Those things aren’t necessarily the reason but they may be a build up of hatred before he got very violent. Hitler hated the Jews so much, for many different reasons, that he'd torture them and most of the time he'd execute them. “Germany's problems are all caused by the Jews.”, Hitler would say. He believed that Jews started World War I. He also thought that they started Great Depression. People led on to believe him. What people decided to do to solve this problem was to completely banish them. This happened in a process of a couple of things. First, the homes of Germany would get raided and the Jews would get taken from the homes. Sometimes, people wouldn't even make it through the raids. They would sometimes get killed…show more content…
He grew up in Vienna, where the mayor was drastically anti semitic. In Vienna, the hatred for jews was widespread. That really did something to make him get more violent. Hitler was not very educated as a little boy. In church, they preached that jews were responsible for all the problems in Germany, and everywhere. In school, they were also taught to hate the Jews. Everything was anti-semitic when he grew up. Historians say that Hitler could be a Jew, and his mother just never told him. Some claim that the hatred started after his grandmother died. The doctor that treated her for cancer was a Jew. Hitler's mother worked for a very wealthy family, and said that she received miss treatment. There are so many reason that hitler could hate the Jews. When Hitler was a teenager, he joined the German army to be a soldier. He recieved many head injuries while fighting WWI. He then had to quit the army, and his mental health got
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