Explain Why Did So Many Colonists Died In Early Jamestown

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Many colonists died because of brackish water, starvation, and Indian attacks and relations. They settled in Virginia near Chesapeake Bay in the Spring of 1607. They wanted to be first English settlement in the “New World”, which was in North America. Before there trouble they had just built their settlement and were improving the town. They also added military bases. They had settled near the Powhatan Indians. They had lots of trouble especially with the native americans. Colonist died in early Jamestown because of three main problems. These problems were brackish water, starvation, and Indian relations. One reason that colonists died because of the dirty brackish water they had. According to Blanton “Reliable sources of fresh water would have been scarce.” (55). The water they had was very dirty and wasn’t good to drink. Also Blanton states “Water sources were vulnerable to salt water and drought intrusion” (55). The water was very salty due to the tide rising the waters and adding filth. The starving time kills some 110 colonists from famine and disease (Fausz 63).They had used the river to go to the bathroom and the filth never went away it just stayed there.Adjacent rivers and creeks then became brackish or dirty , causing people to come with illnesses (Blanton 55) The water…show more content…
They were important facts that proves why so many colonist died in the early time of Jamestown. If theses reasons never existed then they would have a better time to live.The question appears and is significant and matters today because you can learn from this time in Jamestown the correct way. It also helps improve the knowledge of the understanding why so many colonists died. You would want accurate information for the event. They were so cruel to Indians that it disrupted the relationship with colonists and Indians. In conclusion Indians relations was a very big way colonists
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