Explain Why Did The British Enter Ww2

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WW2 is a global war which had two military alliances, one called Allies, and another one was Axis. In 1939, British entered WW2. Some people think the British should enter WW2, but some persons think the British shouldn’t enter WW2. In my opinion, the British should enter WW2 for three reasons. The first reason is that the British and Poland had a Treaty. The second reason is that the Japanese invaded Singapore which belonged to the British. The third reason is that the British economy was bad after WW1. The first reason, why did the British Enter WW2 is that the British and Poland had a treaty. When Germany invaded Poland, British will help Poland and enter the war. This is important because the participation of Germany affected the British. Actually, the British was pulled into the war because they had a treaty with Poland, the British needed…show more content…
According to History Today, “The island of Singapore at the foot of the Malay peninsula originally came under British control in 1819.”(Richard) The quote shows that Singapore was the colony of British that time. Next, according to the BBC, “1922- Singapore becomes main British naval base in East Asia.” (BBC) It shows that Singapore was very important for British that time, if it was defeated, the British may have big problems, so British needed to protect the colony. Then, according to the National Archives, “The general feeling of security evident in Malaya at this time was based on the view, expressed officially by specialists, that Japan was most likely to risk hostilities with Britain and USA.”(National Archives) The quote expresses that the invasion of Japan of Malaya caused the tension among countries. Japan was announcing that it wanted to fight against the British. These quotes explain that Singapore was very important to the British, so if Singapore was invaded, the British needed to take
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