Explain Why Did The Revolutionaries Give For Rebelling Against Great Britain

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What reasons did the Revolutionaries give for rebelling against Great Britain, you may ask, and how did it shape our government today? The infamous Revolutionary War was between British colonists in America against Great Britain. So taxation, lack of representation, protestation dealt with violence, and the Boston Massacre, these were all the reasons that the Revolutionaries give for rebelling against Great Britain; these reasons are what shaped the laws and values of America today Let me first start by giving some basic information about the American Revolutionary War. This war in particular formed and gave us our country that we know it today. The Revolutionary War was between the British colonists in America, who were led by famous George Washington, against Britain, which at the time, held the most “property” in the land. This is…show more content…
Britain had invested a lot of money into the war, so therefore their war cost was remarkably high (National Park Service), so they tried to raise their Tax revenue considerably high un-noticed. Without a representative, the Colonists in, what we now know as America, realized this change. They began to protest against the high taxes, and their famous quote was “No Taxation without Representation!” (A&E Networks) Because they were being taxed, without any consent of representatives. These are half of the reasons why the war started now; obviously, this was obviously changed today, as now taxes are decided on the costs of Government facilities, and not even every of them. The elected representatives of the legislature branch decides the taxes, and they use taxes to pay for government facilities and people who own a job in the government. Every citizen of the United States has to pay taxes, and they are usually a percentage of what you make. The taxes we pay today are for food shipments, and to help pay for our Police
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