Explain Why Did The World Plunge Into World War 2 In 1939 Dbq

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DBQ Outline WWII

Why did the world plunge into World War II in 1939? What is the most effective response to aggression-appeasement or collective security?
It started because Hitler was trying to unite Germany and gain land for the people. Hitler, as Germany’s leader wanted more territory so they took it.
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"One blood demands one Reich. Never will the German nation have the moral right to enter into colonial politics until, at least, it includes its own sons."
Hitler suggested that Germany needed to unite all Germans under one government, the Reich. Which would be accomplished by force.
Doc 2:
“God and history will remember your judgement...It is us today. It will be you tomorrow.”
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Hitler said that Germany should be treated as an equal to the other European nations.
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“There is to be no European war...the price of that peace is...the ceding by Czechoslovakia of the Sudetenland territory to Herr Hitler’s Germany.”
The Big Four decided to let Germany take over the Sudetenland. The Czechs were upset, but they unfortunately could not resist as the power they would be going up against is too strong. Therefore, Hitler was successful as he obtained land for Germany and made the Czechs weaker.
Doc 5:
“It is possible to remove grievances and clear away suspicion..We must try to bring these four nations into friendly discussion. If they can settle their differences, we shall save peace of Europe for a generation.”
The Chamberlain believed that “good will and determination” could peacefully fix the differences between countries. He said that Britain couldn’t fight in order to save Czechoslovakia.
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Also, France, Britain, and other countries need to join together in order to stop aggression. Therefore, Churchill disagrees with appeasement so he is in favor of collective security.
Doc 7:
“The Munich Agreement was a...desperate act of appeasement at the cost of the Czechoslovak state, performed by Chamberlain...and thus secure for Europe a peaceful future.”
Kennan felt that appeasement was unnecessary since Czechoslovakia was strong enough to save herself. Because it was the Czech’s fault they were taken over. It is not other nations’ responsibility to protect other nations. Also, it could have started the war because some countries that Czechoslovakia should have been protected.
Doc 8:
“The Germans put Hitler in power; they were the only ones who could turn him out. Also the “appeasers’’ feared that the defeat of Germany would be followed by a Russian domination over much of Europe.”
Appeasement was the logical option at the time since there was no way that the Germans would not like Hitler as they both put him in power and supported

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