Explain Why Different Communication Methods Are Used In The Business Environment

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Understand the requirements of written and verbal business communication 1.1 Explain why different communication methods are used in the business environment In this assessment I will be proving that I understand the requirements of written and verbal business communication. I want to start off by explaining that I work for a very diverse team, Safeguarding, Infection Control and Prevention and Tissue Viability so there is a lot of variable communication methods that I am required to use in order to succeed within my role. There are two main types of communication that I have regularly used in my role, formal communication is the main type of communication that I use in my work environment as I am required to be professional when I speak to colleagues around the Trust and when I attend meetings. It is my responsibility to take notes and feedback to the group when appropriate, and I need to be aware of the terminology I use to suit the needs of that specific medical group. Different communication methods are used in the business environment to disseminate information in a way that would be most appropriate for the relevant audience; for example when speaking to the Chief Executive of the organisation it is best to use a very formal means of communication…show more content…
It is very important to identify incorrect grammar and punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and conventions as a comma in the wrong place could chance the context of the sentence completely. If correct grammar is not used when giving an instruction then an action cannot be accomplished and this may cause a rippling effect, meaning that actions which would be done after the first action do not get accomplished because the first action was not undertaken in the first place. This could be crucial for a business as a business needs communication with their service users to be spot on so the best possible service can be
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