Explain Why Do Curfews Keep Teens Out Of Trouble

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Do curfews keep teens out of trouble? Many teens would probably say that having a curfew really doesn’t help with keeping them out of trouble but I would say it does. Many teens have curfew already due to the state not allowing them to be past 11 on a school night. Many of the curfews are for them be home safely. They want the teens to be out of trouble. They also want to help them with have a set schedule and not be out too late so they can rest for school the next day. It can also be for them to be responsible with the rules that are given to them.
Teens who tends to have a curfew are they ones who stay out of trouble because they have rules they follow. Teens who don’t have rules are they ones who stay out late to cause trouble because there’s no one to tell them otherwise. The teens who do have someone to guide them with what is good or wrong are the ones who stay out of trouble because they have someone who is there to help them. They teens who do have a curfew also have a set schedule which can help them in track of what they do. If they don’t have a set schedule they won’t be busy which will lead them to doing other things that will get them in trouble with a crime at the worst. The teens who have a curfew have responsibility because they have to show their parents that if they let them out and they are given a curfew they can still go out and make it home into so there parents can trust that they’ll do as they say.

The teens who have a curfew will cause them to
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