Violent Video Games Do Not Cause Violence Essay

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Violent Video Games: Does It Cause Violence?
Devin L. Naseer
Youngstown State University

The purpose of this paper is to create an argument with reasoning and research as to why violent video games do not cause violence. In this paper, I define the definition of violence and explain why violent video games are not linked with violence. I look at the types of people who claim that violent video games are linked to violence and explain why they are wrong with their reasoning. I explain why most uninformed people will side with the views of people or organizations who are well known.

Violent Video Games Violence is defined by
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This definition leads to the main issue people have when it comes to others playing violent video games, do they cause violence? My answer to this is no, and I have many reasons as to why they do not cause violence. First let’s look at who’s claiming violent video games are leading to violence. There are many people who claim violent video games leads to violence, and pretty much anyone can do this and provide reasons why they do, but what drives non-gamers into believing in this crap is due to popular organizations and people who claim that they do cause violence. NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre is a good example of these type of people. During a press conference a week after the mass shooting that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, LaPierre stated that "Guns don 't kill people. Video games, the media, and Obama 's budget kill people,". What he’s trying to say is that video games (the violent ones) “kill” people by showing the player who plays them the different ways to kill people in real life. He’s also trying to say that violent video games motivate people to use those methods shown to hurt and kill people in real life. To an extent what he is saying is true, but when you play a violent video game the person you
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