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Why Does Evil Exist? Melinda Novak Philosophy 205 Dr. Julin Grant 16 September 2016 Epicurus once said, “God either cannot or will not prevent evil. If God cannot prevent evil, then God is limited in power. If God will not prevent evil, then God is limited in benevolence. But if God is not limited in either power or benevolence, why is there evil in the world?” In this paper, I will respond to this quote to defend that God is not limited in either power or benevolence and how evil still exists so that we as humans understand what the term good is. I believe that God has the power to prevent evil but chooses not to because he wants us to know the true meaning of being good. God shows us he is all loving by having…show more content…
If God exists, it is without a doubt within His power to prevent such things like natural disasters. Why wouldn’t He prevent such evil things to happen in our world? Natural evil is the result of God nurturing us. God permits natural evils because it provides humans with the opportunity and drive to develop a Godly character. Because these evils exist in the world, it requires people to be good and peacefully exist with each other in order to effectively respond to the challenge at hand. To have good character, it requires us to be faced with disasters in order to realize what the meaning of good is (Wallace). “The theist may point out that in a world without suffering there would be no occasion for the production of such virtues as courage, sympathy, and the a like” (Page 122). B.C. Johnson is correct in saying this. I, a theist, believe by helping people cope with disasters and supporting them in their time of need, it brings out the good virtues in us and helps us realize how good it is to help others. The best in us often can be seen as people respond in a loving and compassionate way to natural disasters. It is in the moment, of when a disaster strikes, that moral character has the chance to form and grow (Wallace). Good character such as acts of love, compassion and cooperation must be freely chosen. God has given us a world that prompts us to improve our situation of living, tend to those who are in need of our assistance, and become finer human beings throughout the process (Wallace). I believe that God has allowed for natural disasters to happen so we, as people, can recognize the good in ourselves and in

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