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Religion is just the collection of beliefs that people have on god. The terror attacks in the middle east, western countries are getting from bad to worse. The religious intolerance occurring in India is not getting any better either. These conflicts happening in the name of God is all forcing us to ask this question to ourselves ‘Is religion a cause of war?’. Can this be the very reason why lives of innocent people are snatched away? I take the stand that religion does not cause any sorts of war or a conflict. If we see the history, we may find out that most of the war was not because of a religious reason or such. For instance, the American Civil War, American Revolutionary War, World War I, World War II, American war in the Middle East…show more content…
Such conflicts are very common in a country like India. Like the Gujarat riot, where thousands of Muslims were killed. The anti-Sikh riots after the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. But they were not a religion caused riots. They were caused because of revenge and hatred. Sometimes the leaders use religion as a fantastic excuse for a conflict in order to cover up their own dirty intentions. It is people’s perspective and lack of respect in accepting the other religion which causes conflicts. Greed can make people do ugly things. It’s not only about money but desiring to expand its empire, gain more raw materials. Leaders may think that they need more raw materials and land for the growth of their nation. And to achieve this goal they may start a conflict. Adolf Hitler can be an idol example of this. He wanted to carve out a lebensraum (a living space) for the Germans and be the master of the strongest European country. Because of his own greed he started the Second World War. Over the course of human history, around 1,763 wars have been fought. Out of which only 123 of those wars is categorized as ‘religious in nature’. Which is lower than 6.98%, but…show more content…
Crusade (1095-1291), where Muslims and Christians battled over the holy land of Israel. The Second Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005), the Islamic central government trying to impose sharia laws (Islamic law) on the non-Muslims leading to war. The Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990), a war between the Maronite Christians and Muslims. Thirty years’ War (1618-1648), is the longest and the most destructive war in the European history. Initially, it was between the Catholics and the Protestants but gradually major countries of Europe also got involved. The Nazi Reich exterminating millions of Jews adds points to the religious causes of war. They were one of the most bloodiest and inhumane war which the human race has experienced. Terrorists groups like Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has been formed in the name of Jihad. They believe Jihad (holy war or struggle) is something which does not allow young girls to educate, murder of innocent men and women. Terrorizing the world is apparently Jihad. Though they may misinterpreted the actual meaning of Jihad from the Qur’an but at the end they still are doing such horrifying events in the name of their

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