Explain Why Each Year Is Better Than College Essay

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Why one college course is more rewarding than another Sixty credits for four years degree in college is a long and stress time before the graduation; it means more than twenty courses in four years. Some classes, the students needed to study as hard as they could just to pass it with enough grades, but some of its, they found more rewarding than another because it has the best professors, good classmate and the timing is perfect. First of all, the timing is the most struggle for all college students. Some students have to work to pay for their class, and it makes their timing is much more difficult than the rests. They have to pick the class with the flexible timing with their job to earn enough money for school. Some students are taking the internship to build credits for their major; however, it might take a lot of time from their schedule beside the part-time job. Those struggle can be easier to deal with the flexible and comfortable, which might help them to have the best time management for school and life.…show more content…
But the good group of friends in classes is much more important. For instance, the health is the most concern in school especially is college because in college is more stress and heavier than high school. If I was having a good friends while I was sick or busy , who show up right time and take note in class could help a lot ( copy note, tell teacher about my situation…). In addition, self-study is all about college, and the group-study is the best way to improve in college; with these friends I can ask about the lectors, homework and even better is sharing about my
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