Effective Communication With Children Essay

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Effective communication is important in developing relationships with children, young people and adults as it helps us to understand the other person, to form a relationship with trust and to air out any differences that we may have. It also helps us to have a clear understanding of each other. Effective communication will help to make people feel valued and shows that what they have to say is important. Question: Question 2 Answer: The principles of relationship building with children, adults and young people are being kind and considerate to others, getting your point across by being clear in what you are saying, showing respect for people by taking notice of what they are saying and taking into consideration that they may have different…show more content…
If you do this then you are a lot more likely to build a positive relationship with them. Feedback can be useful and when correcting a childâ€TMs grammar it should be done in a positive way so that you donâ€TMt embarrass them, you can just rephrase it using the correct wording. In a more formal setting like in the classroom for example, you need to be really clear and ready to solve any problems they may have with their work but in the playground it would be less formal and a more spontaneous context and you might be dealing with fall outs and things rather than school work issues. Some children may have communication barriers such as sensory impairments, speech impairments, speak a different language and may have different cognitive abilities. All these barriers need approaching in different ways for example, a child with a stammer may need more patience as they may get upset if they feel that they are being rushed and someone with sensory impairments like being deaf may need everything writing down for them or sign to them if you know how, they will also want to be involved in things and not excluded just because they canâ€TMt
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