Explain Why Food Is Not Allowed In Class

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Food isn't allowed in class because it can get thrown by idiots that won't confess to throwing it causing people to have to write an essay. Food is a distraction in the workplace and people don't take it seriously. To have food in class would constitute as a privilege that most don't get because they’re not responsible enough to hold that much responsibility. Food isn't allowed in class for many other reasons not only is it a distraction but it's messy and can get everywhere depending on the type of food. The food can get on your hands then on the materials you're using which in school is gross because other people are going to use the materials after you. Its really gross to have to touch something that someone took the time out of their life to make disgusting. Plus who wants to clean up after gross
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Like i have three sisters and i hate cleaning up after my three sisters if i have to. Like come on how old are we. That why food isn't allowed in MR. Davis 5th PEriod class cause we have too many students (Dummies) that don't care and they do stuff that are stupid like oh i don't know through food … Which brings me to my next point, who throws food in class ? that's why we're writing .. remember? the students were throwing food then MR. Davis said ”OH NO“ so then he had us writing essays on why food is not allowed .. Soo ya but food should not be allowed because CHILDREN throw it and kill all the fun and make us write the essay that we’re doing now. Plus food is really really really really really really good so why would you throw it like for real. The food that was thrown was grapes and grapes are so good and like why would you throw them and cause everybody to write and essay ( mind you this is my 3rd essay today) . My favorite food isn't grapes or anything but i really like them and i wouldn't throw them because that's a waste and there's people who don't have food and these wrinkled brained
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