Explain Why Food Should Not Be Allowed In The Classroom

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Why Food Is Not Allowed In The Classroom

Eating food in class is a very unprofessional action. Eating food should be done in the cafeteria and the quad, not in the classroom. Throwing food should not be done anywhere. It is very irresponsible and childish. It is very disrespectful to throw food in classroom where we are meant to learn. Not only is it disrespectful it can ruin things. If grapes are thrown in the classroom it can damage things like the carpet, the computers, keyboards, mice, or monitors. Throwing food can encourage others to do the same which can get out of hand. Eating food while in a professional environment can impact your future, it can impact your life. If someone throws food in class, they can get a referral, if they
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Davis’ beloved computer lab, we should take them to court and request life in prison with no chance of parole. It is so disrespectful to eat and throw food in a classroom that it should be the law. Seriously. We can bring this matter to the Sacramento City Community Council and eventually bring it to the U.S. Congress so that this awful occurrence will never happen again. It is disheartening to hear that such an action occurred here, on campus. It makes me choked up just to think about it. I hope that such a thing will never happen again. No one, ever, should have to go through cleaning up grapes again.
What if someone is allergic or gets queasy around grapes? They could throw up and make even more of a mess. Other people will see the throw up and start throwing up even more. The whole class could start throwing up and then there will be a big mess. The whole purpose of this essay is to express my feeling for eating and throwing food in class. I also wanted to express how badly it could turn out if you throw food in class.
Now on a serious note. It is disrespectful to throw food and it is very childish as well. I would never throw or eat food in the classroom. I hope that no one ever does such a horrific act like this again. It is not ok to ever do this, and I hope whoever did this has learned a lesson to never eat or throw food. Eating and throwing food is not
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