Should Gay Couples Be Able To Adopt A Child?

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Imagine being a gay couple in a society where judgment is the number one priority of the people. Now consider trying to adopt a child and then trying to live happily with your family. Trying to live happily when you are gay with an adopted child may sound impossible, but some couples manage to do so and try to live their lives. It does not matter if the couple is gay or heterosexual; at the end of the day, they are still people. They are still made of the same flesh and bones as you and I are. Being gay is harder than being heterosexual because some people have been very close-minded about gays. It is only now that some people are slowly accepting the fact that some people are gay. Although many straight people believe that gay couples should not adopt a child because of moral reasons, that should not restrict the gay couples from adopting.…show more content…
This may result from the couple not having the proper standards that need to be met when adopting. This will cause depression to both the child and the couple. “The road to adopt a child can be a challenging one. In some cases, it can cost significant sums of money. If you’re not prepared for the financial and emotional undertaking, it can dampen your spirits. Overall, the wait time and the cost of the adoption will depend greatly on the type of child you wish to adopt. The wait can vary from a few months to a couple of years.”(“Pros and Cons of Adoption ”) The couple should be sure about their decisions before going to adopt a child. They should also do some research on the whole adoption itself before taking any

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