Explain Why Georgia Was A Failure

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I’m writing to you to inform you that your colony of Georgia is going great, now. The Good ship Anne was perfect and wonderful for the journey. It took exactly 57 days to get to place called Charleston, South Carolina on January 13th, 1733. Even when we didn’t have the supply to keep going such a food and clean water, we worked out our problems and got through them, out of the 114 passengers only 2 infants didn’t make it. When we got to Charleston we went to man named John Musgrove to ask permission to use Mary Musgrove as a translator. It required Mary so we could talk to Chief Tomochichi and ask if we could build close to their land, he said yes. Based on the reasons for its charter, economics, defense, and charity, I think Georgia was a failure. In my letter, I will prove to you how Georgia was a failure. (8 sentences)…show more content…
Georgia was originally for the charity of the people in debtor’s prison to get a fresh start. In the end the king let all the rich people go and NO debtors got to go. In the charter of 1732 it states “that many of our poor subjects are, through misfortunes and want of employment, reduced to great necessity, insomuch as by their labor they are not able to provide a maintenance for themselves and families.” This proves that Georgia did have charity and that through hard times of the settlers lives, Oglethorpe helped them through and gave them hope. However, the main reason in Oglethorpe’s eye for Georgia was to help the debtors and free them but, it didn’t happen. So the main charity of Georgia didn’t work and turned up as a failure. (8
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