Explain Why Girls Should Not Play In Sports Essay

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The sight of a girl playing with the boys can unfold bravery. Girls can get underestimated in sports, until they take it to the game. Even though some people think that girls shouldn 't play sports with boys, I think they should because they are just as strong as men, so they should be treated the same, and they should get just as much fame on a boy 's team. Some people may think that girls shouldn’t be allowed to play on boys’ sport teams because usually, the main argument is that boys are physically stronger. According to Sabrina Victor, “Even though some girls in middle school and high school are good enough to play with the boys, we still shouldn’t let them because these girls are the best players for girls ' sports programs. If we let the best girls play on the boys’ teams, then talent would be taken from girls sports programs”. Actually, girls can be stronger than boys. Any girl can beat any boy. It’s just a stereotype that says that guys are stronger. The talent could be taken away, but it is the girls’ chooses to move to boys’ leagues. There will still be plenty of great girl players on girl…show more content…
Girls can play on a boy’s sports team because they can learn to get stronger. A reason they get stronger is because girls can learn just as fast as boys can ( Girls are as athletic as boys, studies say). As I said before, it is just a stereotype that boys are stronger than girls. Lots of girls around the world beat boys at strength contests like arm wrestling. On the other hand, muscle isn’t the only thing that girls have, but they also have mental strength to achieve their goal (Girls are as athletic as boys, study says). People don’t only need the physical strength to achieve a goal in sports as well. Sports are a place to foster the development of identity, self-esteem, social skills, collaboration, discipline and the ability to perform under stress, experts said (Girls can hang athletically with the boys, says
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