Explain Why Guns Should Be Banned In America

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Guns should be banned in America, with 30,000 deaths yearly in America, we need to do something about it. Many counties have made strict gun control laws or just have banned guns and that seems to be helping them. We have the most gun deaths out of all wealthy countries, which is unacceptable and we need to change it as fast as possible to prevent further deaths. Many people say that guns shouldn't be banned because of how the Second Amendment says, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The Second Amendment was written in 1791, around 225 years ago! Back then there were a lot more uses of guns. For hunting, protecting your home, to make sure the new government doesn’t become a Monarchy, and to protect against another country invading. We don’t need any of those! Instead of hunting you can go to the grocery shop and buy food, we now have police so if someone is invading your home then call the police and hide and if worst…show more content…
Which true and convincing until you realize that even if we do ban guns then yes criminals can still but they illegally from the black market. But consider this, if a criminal saw a XM-15 Bushmaster or another semi-automatic gun sitting on his table, he can just pick it up and go kill people. But if those weapons were banned he would need to go through many blackmarket and illegal places, which may be unreachable to him because of his lack of knowledge. And to top it off most of the people who do a mass shooting against innocent people are not criminals they are just mentally challenged and they probably won't go through the process of going to a black market or purchasing it illegally if they had to. Of course we will never be able to stop shootings but if we make the gun harder for the shooters to get than we could lessen the gun death rate by a
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