Explain Why I Came To America Essay

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For an eight year old girl to fly by herself from Africa to America was a little scary especially when she's traveling by herself for the first time. I remember the day I first enter the USA. I was in the airport looking around waiting for someone to get me , while I was looking around I saw strange things i never seen before . I was alone at that moment seeing other people interact with each other. At that moment I looked up and saw the sign USA and realized I was in America. I was a little scared , thinking to myself , am I really in america. I have never been away from my country, Sierra Leone. I was born in sierra leone, I grew up with people who speak the same language as me and had the same skin color as me. The reason why I came to the USA and left everything behind was because my parents wanted me to live a better life, have more chances in my education and have more opportunities . It was pretty hard living everything I was used to behind. When I was…show more content…
First day of school was very confusing, I didn't understand anything the teacher was saying, all I heard was “students what did we talked about yesterday, blah,blah,blah. My teacher was saying things I didn't know so I decided to just go with the flow. The next day in class , I listened carefully to the teacher , trying to write down what she was saying. I spent time at home reviewing what the teacher taught in class. Before going to sleep at night I would watch movies with english subtitle so I can learn more english . Schools in Africa and schools in America are very different, I had to picked up on a lot of things. After a week into school, I stayed after school everyday to get help from my teachers. A month into school I understand many things people were saying. It took days and days for me to understand what was on my exams, all my hard work and time I spent were rewarded by the A’s on my
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