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What would you do if your family made you eat part of a nasty , mucousy , squishy octopus ? Or make you ride down a super frightening roller coaster at the age of
Seven ? Or possible the worst one yet , force you to go into the most eerie, disturbing, haunted house attraction that you know of ? Although there are many things i do not like . I love playing sports , hanging out with friends , and spending time with family .

Sports has given me things to focus on rather than school . Such as baseball , baseball is my main sport , I love playing baseball because it keeps me fit and I like being apart of a team . I also play football , basketball , and deck hockey . I don't really play these sports with a team , instead I play with
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For instance their humor brings me up when i'm down . They will never lie to me , and will always keep a secret . My friends and I always go places to have fun . For example we went to Kennywood , the mall , and the movies . In the long run my friends are my source of laughter and reliability .

My family has allowed me to try new things , and go new places . To illustrate , my family and I have went to Disneyland , Erie , and Niagara falls . My family also got me into sports . In fact they got me into baseball ! We also go to a family reunion every year, and I get to met my cousins that I have not seen in a while . They also urge me to eat new things , and go new places . For example they made me eat octopus , and forced me to go into a haunted house attraction . Altogether my family has showed me to try new things and have allowed me to see new places that I have never seen before .

Even though I have played sports , made amazing friendships , and spent a lot of time with family . There are things I have yet to do . Like make more friendships , or play a new sport , or go to Hawaii with my family . As I grow up I will pursue my dreams of being a mlb player . I will also strive to be the best person I can be with my team , my friends , and my family
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