Explain Why I Paid Less Salary Than My Coworker

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Although it sucks to find out that I am paid less salary than my coworker(s) who has same responsibilities, equal skills, education and work experience. The upside to this recent knowledge is I can use it for positive change. For example, how can I be better than what I was before? What important job skills do I need to learn, where can I find a better job with better salary? There might be some reasons for why my coworker is paid a higher salary where my excellent customer service skills might not be one of them. Salary is a sensitive issue for everyone concerned and the reasons that some people are paid more and others less. It is not always quantifiable. First of all, If I am not satisfied with my current salary, then I should make sure that I worth a raise. In the above given scenario, before moving forward, I will…show more content…
If am paid fairly enough based on my location, experience, and skills then it is reasonably okay, but if I feel underpaid than I will talk with my supervisor for my personal performance review for few months and ask human resources manager to raise my pay. Thirdly, I have right to feel fair pay. Since I am taking the same responsibility, and I have all skills, education, and experience as my coworker. I should feel comfortable to renegotiate my salary. In my opinion, who is paid how much is not a problem, but am I paid fair is? Therefore; I will consult with Human Resources office in confidential about a pay policy issue because human resources representative will have useful perspective on how to address the issue within the organization. Finally, when my performance evaluation shows a lots of improvement, I don’t think that human resources will hold me into the lower salary than rest of my coworkers. My hard work deserves equal pay which will influence other employee’s behavior and increase organization’s performance and meet organization

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