Explain Why I Want To Attend St. Teresa

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I wish to attend St. Agnes so that I can take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities it has to offer. Unlike my current school, St. Agnes offers a wide range of courses, arts, and sports. My current school doesn’t offer as many advanced classes as St. Agnes. I realize the importance of Accelerated and Advanced Placement classes, so if I do get accepted by St. Agnes, I will try my very best in all academic classes so that I can take as many AP and AC classes as I’m allowed. Besides having a very wide course range, St. Agnes also has an amazing arts program, so I would like to continue playing piano as a part of STA, and maybe even pick up the violin. I would also like to take photography, a class that I have always been interested in taking, for I wasn’t able to take at my school throughout my middle school years.…show more content…
Therefore, if I went to St. Agnes, I would participate in a number of sports such as soccer, volleyball, track and field, and possibly even lacrosse and field hockey if time allows. Besides these things, I would also love to participate in some of the amazing student organizations that St. Agnes offers. My biggest interests would be the medical clubs, for I dream to be a trauma surgeon, and Model UN. St. Agnes offers clubs that are not only not offered by my school, but also not offered at a number of other schools. I would love to attend St. Agnes so that I can not only take advantage of the amazing opportunities, but I also would love to contribute to the sports teams and clubs with my talent and knowledge; these things will help me grow as not only a student from St. Agnes, but also as a young
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