Explain Why I Want To Be A Marine

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I want to be a marine because I want to serve my country and I want to earn the title of United States Marine. I would like to help people in other countries. I would also like to join because there is a lot of benefits if you join like you could get free college. And you would get paid a certain amount each month once you retire. You also get free health care and other things.
I will be going to Fike high school I’m going to take marching band and jrotc. I’m taking marching band so I can play an instrument and I’m going to take jrotc so I can get promoted to E-2 once I join the marines. It will also help me get in much better shape.
After I graduate high school I will be leaving to boot camp for 13 weeks. I will go to Paris Island, South Carolina. I will train and earn the title of a marine I will do something different each week I’m there. I will not be able to call my parents I will only be able to write to them. After the 13 weeks is over I will graduate from marine boot camp my family and friends will be able to come and see me graduate.
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When I’m done with the 10 days I will leave for school they will teach me about my job and what I have to learn about it. My
When I join the Marines I want to be an Aircraft Electrical System Technician on an F/A-18. What they do is they install, remove, inspect, test, maintain, and repair system, component, and ancillary equipment of installed aircraft electrical systems at the OMA level. I want to serve for maybe 8 years and I want to leave a Master
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