Explain Why I Want To Become An Obgogyn

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All my life I 've wanted to take part in the medical field, to be involved in helping others, and to make someone else smile. I believe that being part of this program will allow me to do that in a very meaningful way. The chance to volunteer at Memorial Hermann will allow me to care for others while achieving my short and long-term goals. This opportunity will be my first step into the world of HOSA, medical school, and the hope of becoming an OBGYN. Memorial Hermann is a leading edge medical institution I want to surround myself in and grow at. This experience will lead me towards the direction of working at a hospital, across the world in less developed countries, or even the army in the future. My goal upon graduating high school is to get the best experience I can that will prepare me for the future of becoming an OBGYN. Volunteering at Memorial Hermann will be an excellent opportunity to see how a typical day in a hospital would be. I 'm eager to learn many things such as patient care and basic procedures from the many wonderful mentors around me. The opportunity to work in a gift shop, or make crafts with…show more content…
Dr. Isaac, a cardiologist at The Methodist Hospital, will perform the procedure. The chance I have been able to get has given me inspiration about how much I want to be part of a field that caters to making people feel better. The ability to make a difference right away by doing your job and to see the result of a healthier and happier person after a few days is very humbling. Becoming an OBGYN is a blessing in many ways. Being the person to welcome a newborn into the world is a feeling that nothing else can compete with. I know this program will allow me to fulfill my desire of making another person’s day a little easier. Being involved in a program that 's in the art of helping and saving others would a chance of a

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