Explain Why I Want To Go To College Essay

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I want to go to college because it is an amazing experience and opportunity that not everyone has the privilege of receiving. Before my freshman year of high school, my dad told me about how right before he graduated high school, his parents sat him down and told him that he could not go to college. They did not have the money, nor the resources. My dad had straight A's and worked a full time job throughout high school, and had saved enough money to take the ACT and apply for some schools. He ended up working his way through college, graduating Georgetown with a masters degree, and he now owns his own consulting company. He has worked hard to provide the opportunity of further education for me, and so that I do not have to go through the same…show more content…
I have never lived in a place for more than two years (I have lived in nine different states), and the lack of stability has made developing close friendships impossible. I think that going to college would help me make close friends, which is something I have never gotten to experience. I am also extremely excited to be able to follow a curriculum and courses all the way through. Switching high schools all of the time meant switching curriculum, and having to learn new things at each school that did not build on what I previously had learned. I had to do a lot of catching up each time we moved, and it will be nice to not have to do that anymore. Learning is something I have always enjoyed, but not in the situation I was in, nor the subjects I had to learn. Switching schools took a toll on my grades, especially in core classes where the state standards varied. After my sophomore year, I realized that my grades were not going to be perfect because of how much we moved, and I started focusing on what subjects I enjoy instead of focusing my time and energy on memorizing information that was not going to be relevant anymore after taking a test. At a conference for the members of the Davidson Institute for Young Scholars I found a love for robotics and computers, so the past few years I have been focusing on that. I also researched
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