Explain Why I Want To Make A Great Rn Essay

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In this essay I will discuss why I will make a great RN. First and foremost, I am a very hard working, and sympathetic individual. I believe in being reliable ,and genuine at all times. If I say I will do something or something will get done,you can believe it. I am very dependable,honest ,and trustworthy. I have acquired admirable qualities through faith and hard work. Secondly, I take work and the lives of others very seriously. I am determined to complete my goals in life,and I will study diligently to pass my classes,and tests. I will not let anything come in between my future. Another reason I would make a great RN is because, other professionals in the medical field would enjoy working with me. I am very easy-going and most importantly a team player. Patients will have a peace of mind when Im on shift ,because I will do my utmost to make their day better. How? Well by means of getting them everything they need fast and efficiently. For example, answering any questions they or their family members have without issue. More importantly ,I will do everything in my power to help make the patient 's situation a little easier. A…show more content…
I would be calm and collected in any situation,because I am mentally organized,very meticulous,and neat. In conclusion; looking back on my childhood years my whole life I 've always wanted to help others. Perhaps becoming an RN in turn would help me be a better person. Reality,and realization will force one to appreciate the little things in life and take nothing for granted. For instance,health, life ,and family. Possibly because of the circumstances and situations you will see and be in. I am sure anyone would agree becoming an RN is a really excellent way to do so. To be blessed to have a job where you are dedicated to helping many different people,and give back to your community would be a dream come true for myself. That is why I know, I would make an amazing
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