Explain Why Is Sociology A Science

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Is Sociology a science?
Just like the question on whether we shaped society or society shaped us, it is controversial on whether sociology is a science or not. From my perspective, I do agree that sociology is a science and in this essay, I will first talk about what is sociology and science, why is sociology considered science by sociologist.
The definition of science is that it “bases knowledge on empirical evidence gained through direct, systematic observation” (Thompson & Hickey, 2011, p.30). The key idea to science is observation where it encompass tangible evidence and empirical proof.
For sociology, it is “ The science of society. The sociologist studies how everyday, individual stories and relationships relate to the larger, collective stories of social groups, social systems, and societies” (Alexander & Thompson, 2008 , p.4).
Although sociology is defined as science (-ology) of society (socio-) (Alexander & Thompson, 2008), it does not mean that it is all about experiments and mathemathics but rather, has its own unique features, which differ from other types of sciences. This can be seen where Kavitha mentioned several factors as of why sociology is a science. (Kavitha, 2008). Sociology has its own field of study, known as social science, where it is different from physical science relating to physics, chemistry, etc. Sociology is considered as a pure science rather than applied science where it does not focus on whether the attained knowledge is useful as the
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