Explain Why It Is Important To Create A Supportive Learning Environment

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The following evidence contains a range of photographs from my classroom. As a teacher, it is my duty to create and maintain a supportive and safe learning environment. This is established by the iHelp job chart. This classroom management strategy gives each child in my class responsibility and autonomy. It contributes to a safe learning environment. Alternatively, the use of ClassDojo application shows that I am able to manage challenging behaviour by establishing and negotiating clear expectations (4.3.2) As a class, students chose their own Skills, this means that students have a clear understanding of behaviour and expectations. Students also indicate how many points they believe each skill is worth. The students receive an incentive at the end of the week if they have received over 50 points. The student with the most point also receives a reward and becomes the Dojo Champion for the week. This rewards system establishes and negotiates clear expectations to the students (4.3.2). Students also choose the behaviours that will result in negative points. This means that discipline issues are addressed promptly, fairly and respectfully (4.3.2).…show more content…
As an educator, it is important that I create a supportive learning environment. To do this I must implement school, curriculum and legislative requirements. My school and system requirements include reporting unsafe and unexpectable behaviour on the detention board (4.4.2). Another school requirement that promotes student’s well-being and safety is the Keys to Success behaviour system. The whole- school approach is implemented in my classroom and on the playground. Students are rewarded with a token of honesty, courage, reverence, persistence, kindness, and patience. Once students are rewarded with a token they place it in their own pouch on the chart. Students that receive 6 tokens are rewarded with an All Rounder award. This encourages students ' well-being and

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