Explain Why It Is Important To Grow Essay

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Have you ever wished to the best at what you love doing? We all have but being the best doesn 't come easily it comes through hard work and dedication. If you want to grow as a person or in a talent you have, you must always try to do something new or something you are not good at. To grow as a person we must acquire new skills, knowledge, and be able to understand others. To grow as a person we must acquire new skills in whatever it is we do. For example if you are a cook in a kitchen and you always do what is told, and never try to learn anything else besides what you do in your position you will never become chef because of your limited skills. Some may say that being really good at one specific thing is all you need, but what…show more content…
As our knowledge grows so does our expertise and we do too as people. I think one of the biggest things that define how big we really are is our knowledge. Knowing everything about one specific thing will help in that area, but when you begin to learn new things you grow. Learning different things helps you grow because you are now better in different areas instead of just one. This is true when it comes to technicians they know how to diagnose and fix a problem. Imagine if they only knew how to fix one problem nobody would hire them. Understanding others in not easy we all know that, especially when we are the ones arguing with someone else. This is something we can become better at and help us grow. The reason why counslers, and couples counslers get paid so well is because they know how to fix problems by seeing both sides and having multiple solutions to different problems. We should be able to do the same by instead of just seeing our solution to a problem which we are masters at also try to understand other people and grow as people, and in our maturity level. I agree with Ralph Emerson that we must practice in areas we are not good at. I believe that in order to grow as people we must expand our skills, knowledge
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