Explain Why It Is Important To Look After Children

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Many children go through a lot of problems and situations which can make them end up being looked after. There are children and young people benefiting and beginning a new life from this it gives them hope, self-confidence and joy to life and realising how to love and to be loved by another human being.Also, that freedom from whatever they have gone through before and recovering from that but, unfortunately not all gets a good care. Just the reason because they are being looked after care does not that mean they cannot have the same opportunities as others. A good guidance of new foster or adopted parents that local authority arranges for the child can lead them to have a happy and successful person in life. The children Act 1989 states that 'the welfare of the child is paramount' this means the child's health and social life is important no matters what and all the service agencies should cooperate together to give the best to the child as possible. Especially for the child's parents helping them understand their roles and responsibilities within the family.The general idea of how to look after a child…show more content…
This goes with every child matters the main purpose of this child act legislation is to protect the child who's at significant risk of harm or the family that needs help with the situation. The children or young people being health which involves being mentally, physically and emotionally healthy as well as living a healthy lifestyle.The local authority needs to ensure whether the child is harmed or abused if that’s the case they need to protect the child immediately. Also, the data protection act 1998 this right secures the children and young people's personal information from being exploited and controls how the information is used. But it's acceptable to reveal the information if the child or young people are at risk of being
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