Explain Why It Was Difficult To Settle In Jamestown

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Difficulties of settling Charlestown Did you ever move or settle in a different place? The European settlers wanted to settle in Charlestown. Because they wanted to start a new life and have more land to settle on. But there was problems with other settlers wanting the same land because there were great trade routes and dangerous animals and other deadly things to worry about. So they tried to settle the land of Charlestown and were successful in doing so. Then they had the land of Charlestown and there we problems between the European settlers and other settlers looking for land. Charlestown was difficult to settle in because there were many other settlers who wanted the same land so the natives launched multiple attacks against the European settlers.…show more content…
Another reason why Charlestown was difficult to settle was because he of Native Americans and other tribes launching attacks against the European natives so it was difficult for the European settlers to settle the land because there were Native Americans running on there land and attacking them on their land and of killing most of them like the small pox diseases and other things wernt killing enough of their people. And there were other attacks from the animals there attacks from lions , tigers and other animals that could be very scary to people and it wasn't very safe for the settlers to come out and night and try to look and gather food for their tribes and find supplies for things they needed. As well as the Native Americans and other tribes would be argueing and wanting the same land as the European settlers had and that caused conflict between the European settlers and the Native Americans so fights broke out and it caused a lot of disasters between the settlers and the
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