Explain Why Jamestown Why Did So Many Colonists Die In Jamestown

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Corban Gobble 3 Jamestown: Why did so many die? Bodies lying everywhere, more than you can count, and people are desperate enough to EAT them… So, s why did this happen? It all started when King James I sent 100 people to find new land, and create the first permanent English settlement. As the 100 settlers came across Chesapeake Bay on May 14th, 1607. They named this settlement “Jamestown”. Shortly after they settled, Native Americans attacked and killed some colonists. Near the same time, people are getting sick from disease, which leads to the winter “Starving Time”, taking the lives of many starved. So, why did so many Jamestown Colonists die? The first way the colonists died was through the attacks of the Native American people. The
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