Explain Why John F Kennedy's Mistakes Were Made

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Everybody makes mistakes during their lives, it what makes us human and makes learn a ton from this thing called life. As the Presidents say the phrase, "Mistakes were made" the phrase seems harsh and unjust. Obviously, everybody makes mistakes and to pin people with phrase is not civil and right. Today, making a mistake especially one that can be nationally shown are so criticized and mocked that the person doesn't have a chance to explain their situation or their problem that led to the mistake. Most forget the main purpose of a mistake is to learn from that mistake and show courage in owning that what we did and learning from the mistake. person that I truly think had many obstacles and was able to persevere was President John F. Kennedy. Kennedy made many mistakes but learned from them and is why he is known as one of the most famous President in American history. Three mistakes that Kennedy made supporting the Invasion of the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the escalation in Vietnam.

First of all,the mistake to get caught up in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy, easily able to be recognized and make
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Kennedy, was a major part in the disaster in Vietnam. During the time period, it seemed highly controversial to go to war against such a small and insignificant place in the world. This may be viewed as one of the biggest mistakes in American history.I personally believe that if Kennedy wasn't assassinated he would have been able to pull us out of Vietnam faster than Johnson did. I think he would learned a great amount from what became a huge mistake and tore the country apart. He would have definitely taken responsibility for his action and it would have just solidified is Presidency much more. The assassination cut short what Kennedy could have done in his second term to reverse the actions in Vietnam and made him have to face his mistake and finally take responsibility for
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