Explain Why John Is Responsible For Pignati's Death

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Pignati’s Death The question is, who really is responsible for Mr.Pignati’s death? In Paul Zindel’s book The Pigman that is one of the questions some readers are asking themselves. Both John and Lorraine is responsible for his death. Although John is most responsible because he is careless, manipulative, and irresponsible. One reason why John is responsible for Mr.Pignati’s death is because he is careless. He is careless because in chapter 10, page 110, John and the Pigman was skating around Pigman’s house chasing each other. John had ran up the stairs clomping his skates, Mr. Pignati followed him. “Suddenly just a few steps up, Mr.Pignati stopped. He started to gasp for air and turned around to face me at the bottom of the stairs” (110),…show more content…
Throughout the whole book John takes advantage of Pigman. Mr.Pignati buys John and Lorraine loads of stuff. After the Pigman had a heart attack John and Lorraine took care of his house. John took this opportunity to throw a party. Chapter 13, page 156, the Pigman comes home early from the hospital and finds his house full of kids, and his destroyed pigs. If John was not so manipulative, and did not take advantage of the Pigman, none of that would have ever happened. The last way John is responsible for his death is because he is irresponsible. He is irresponsible because he threw a party in Mr.Pignati’s house while he was away in the hospital. He invited over forty people and of those forty people Norton came to the party. Norton is a berserk partyer and does crazy things at parties. Norton decided he was going to raid the house for money and such. He got several glass pigs and shattered them. “I pushed the curtain open, and their stood Norton holding a large white pig, which he brought down suddenly on a table edge, knocking its head off.” (155). If John was not so irresponsible, the pigs would not have been destroyed, and neither would the Pigman’s house. In conclusion, several people were responsible for the Pigman’s death. Lorraine was responsible. John was responsible. Bobo the monkey was even responsible in a way. Of the three John was the most responsible. He was careless, manipulative,
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