Explain Why Juveniles Should Be Charged As Adults

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Juveniles should be charged as adult not only because of their age but because of the crime they committed. According to all cases of teen killing there is 1,300 that has been sentenced as an adult to life. Is not right to put a child behind bars because they're brain is not fully developed so they're not mature, but a crime is a crime. At the young age of 12, 13, 14 even younger kids most of them are expected to know what they want to commit themselves to to make a living. If kids are given that much responsibility and such a young age, then why can't they comprehend the consequences of violent crimes such as armed robbery and murder? The answer is that they can. While most teenagers won't be able to tell you the maximum sentence for aggravated assault, they will be able to tell you that you spend years in prison. Most teenagers and kids know that the consequences of violent crimes are severe.…show more content…
A person generally knows what society accepts as right and wrong by the time they are a teenager. They also know that violating those societal values has certain punishments. Juveniles are not so smart to not exploit their age as a way of abrogating their responsibility for their actions. It appears that our justice system has bought into that particular fallacy. It is my opinion that when a person is mentally capable of understanding both the law and morality that they are capable of being, and should be, tried as an adult. Unfortunately I believe that morality is not being taught in our homes and institutions of learning and this is mitigating our ability to try juveniles as
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