Explain Why Kids Under 18 Should Be Allowed To Vote

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Why kids under 18 should be allowed to vote I personally believe that all kids under 18 should be allowed to vote in elections. I think that it’s about time that we changed how the voting system works because most adults aren’t voting anyways. This is our future. What’s the point if the future generation isn’t even allowed to vote for who they think should be the leader? Kids have a different look on life to the adults and perceive things differently to the adults, so shouldn’t we be able to express who we think should be able to vote? Our opinions matter because we have our own rights and thoughts, just like everyone else. This is the same situation of when women wanted to vote. People turned a blind eye and thought that they had no idea what was going on but they did and now they’re able to vote, so why can’t we? Not all kids are stupid…show more content…
We have the same rights as adults and even though we don’t have as much experience as most adults, we can still make the right decisions. All kids think differently from adults and that would prove as a new or fresh new insight to some problems in our economy. I f kids started voting, we would have a better understanding of our country, how it runs, and how politics generally works. This would possibly help stop most peer pressure and teach kids to vote or believe in what they think is right . Since it is true that kids can get influenced by other kids, isn’t it the same with adults? Most adults don’t vote at all usually so why don’t the kids just help fill the empty spaces and help impact the economy? Kids have rights and thoughts and are mature enough to take this seriously and even though we can be influenced by other kids, adults can be influenced by other adults too. This is our future that we have to live in; we spend our entire lifetime in this new economy, so isn’t it better if kids had a say in how their future turned
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