Explain Why Latin Is Not A Spoken Language

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Why isn 't Latin a spoken language? Latin is used in our daily lives when we are writing or using Latin abbreviations. Latin is especially used in writing. We constantly use Latin abbreviations such as “etc., e.g., I.e., A.D., N.B., and even Ph.D.” But why don’t people speak it? There are many reasons why Latin isn’t a spoken language. The Roman Empire has a lot to do with why Latin isn’t a spoken language, the origin, and ecclesiastical which deals with the Roman church. Some more common Latin abbreviations that we use includes: “ex (exempli gratia), NB (nota bene), etc. (et cetera), vs. (versus), i.e. (id est), M.D. (Medicinae Doctor).” We also use Latin phrases such as “Carpe diem (seize the day), quid pro quo (this for that), ex nihilo
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