Explain Why Martin Luther's Disillusion With The Church

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Martin Luther’s Disillusion with the Church of Rome
Vicky Prinsloo
March 2015

A Social Studies Essay submitted as part of ICCE General Level

Essay Objective:
1. Explain why Martin Luther became disillusioned with the Church of Rome.


I. Introduction – Luther the Reformer
II. Luther’s Struggle for Forgiveness
A. Man’s Fallen State
B. Forgiveness by Confession
III. Luther’s Salvation
A. Enlightenment – Romans 1:17
B. Salvation by Faith Alone
IV. Dissatisfaction with the Church
A. Salvation by Works
1. Indulgences
2. Purgatory
B. The Papacy
1. Power to Forgive Sins
2. Wealth
V. Conclusion – Luther’s Intention

In 1517 Martin Luther challenged the Church of Rome concerning practices which were contrary to Scripture. After he found his salvation, he started to question certain Roman Catholic practices. For this, the Church called him up for heresy and excommunicated him. The Church reacted harshly to his earnest questionings, provoking him to the point of defying the Pope – something he never intended. Martin Luther is now considered a great reformer, and his actions became the basis of the Great Reformation of the 16th century.
Martin Luther entered a monastery in Erfurt in 1505, where he immersed himself in the study of the Bible and Catholic theology. In his search for justification from sin, Luther became increasingly overburdened by his own unrighteousness. Reaching God’s favour and justification seemed like an impossible goal
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