Informative Essay: Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Introduction: We all know that money can’t buy happiness, but why? Studies show that in the past 50-60 years the income in some places like the USA and the UK has grown a lot, but people have not stayed happy. The research shows that people are getting less happy over time, despite being richer and healthier. There are a few reasons why that money can’t buy happiness, Due to the fact of working and gaining money to support themselves : 1) Money can’t buy everything. Your loved ones should always come first, and money can never buy these things. Talent: you can never just buy a sudden talent in drawing you need years of practice. Family: most kids have broken families that is proven in multiple result of experiments. You cannot use money to bend a broken relationship or buy a wife or husband, even kids! You can never earn love or affection for just earning the money! You need so much more than that 2)…show more content…
Here’s the problem :If we inject the same amount of drugs or earn the same amount of money, dopamine levels give you satisfaction. Like cocaine money is addictive, you will never be satisfied with amount of money you get. This proves that no matter how much money you get you will never achieve long lasting happiness. Long lasting happiness always comes from family and loved ones not some plastic paper which was a number on it to show you it’s worth to buy something that you want for it. PEE 3: Money is not made to buy happiness, Money is only made for soly convenience, not for happiness. And the lengths that people go through to get money is frightening, people would work countless hours just to gain money which would stress them out a lot. These day people would work 47 hours a week in America and 20% of them would work 49 hours a week. And under 30% are not stress or are happy with their
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