Explain Why Oates Finds The Sport Of Boxing Paradoxical

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Short Answer Quiz on “The Cruelest Sport” By Joyce Carol Oates
1. Explain why Oates finds the sport of boxing paradoxical.
First of all, she describes boxing as a primitive sport that takes place in the modern world; boxers let go of their ethics and rely on their animal instincts. Even though slavery has been abolished in America, African American boxers fight under the command of Caucasian people. Ethnic minorities are expected to put on shows for the viewers.
2. What is her point of view on the sport?
The author is clearly against the sport since all her arguments highlight the lack of ethics present in boxing. She begins the essay by stating that boxing is nothing but a mimicry of death that only satisfies the society’s desires. Her main …show more content…

c) “Even in the gritty world of the underclass, who, today, would choose to fight with mere fists?” Paragraph 10.
4. What does she have to say about idealized masculinity?
In the first paragraph she introduces boxing as a representation of ancient rituals in which men fight each other for the survival of the fittest. Even though times have changes, boxers seek to have those near death experiences. Their career might be short, but they live for the adrenaline. The world’s eyes are on the, the public expects to see demonstration of masculinity from them. In this competitive world, boxers such as Muhammad Ali do not require good grades or a high IQ to be in the spotlight for their reflexes and abilities. 5. What does she have to say about the appeal of violence?
She talks about the inner desires we have for brutality and how we mimicry death. The public wants to go back to their primitive nature through the boxers, their ideal end for a fight is a knockout. On the other hand, she states that men see boxing as a way to improve their lifestyles, the dangers of the street are by far greater. Boxers gain adrenaline as a result to their near death

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