Explain Why People Should Be Held Accountable In Life

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Should people in life or death situations be held accountable? Yes and no, it is and isn’t that person 's fault it’s they could have thought about it and realized that he could get hurt and die or live it’s like mountain climbing it’s like what if you fall off and hit your head.it depends on how you think of it, wheather you want to doecause its dangerous or you may not know if it is dangerous yet you do it anyway.
Likewise it can be where you get hurt and will be held accountable even though you know that you can get hurt and die.As a result...some people have over thought this idea they still would want to do this, but it is still there choice on this if they do or do not want to do this.
In fact... many people have died from these situations or couldn 't get saved by the people trying to rescue them.For example...if you go mountain climbing
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Equally people will say that that they should and shouldn 't be held accountable on this life or death situations.For instance… people have chosen this situation that they want to do and they know that they could be held accountable like for example in the story the life of pi, the boy was on a raft with the tiger and they were on each side of the boat but the boy was scared of getting eat by the tiger because the tiger had that look in his eyes of hunger so the boy decided to make a raft near the boat so he would still be alive.They should not be held accountable for this because it is there life and their choosing what they want to do to be free or take something off a bucket list.However... people can chose of what they want to do but they need to think before they do it to test if they are ready for it or that they won 't be scared and know the consequences of what might happen. Also how people even though they don 't know they should have checked first.Most of all..people depending on their situation they should and shouldn 't be held accountable for their actions bc their they didn 't know or they did know and
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