Data Collection Methods

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Explain the reasons for choosing the particular method data collection for a selected product/service
Within this report I am going to be discussing the reasons why I choose the sampling method I use to carry out my questionnaire, using examples to back myself up and finally discussing what other sampling methods I could have used to maybe improve my research for the better, or if it could have made it worse.
This method of sampling that I used to carry out my primary research was random. Random sampling is a method in which all members of a group have an equal and independent chance of being selected. I used a random sampling method as it was the simplest way to gather the answers that I needed in order to complete the questionnaire. This
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The primary research involved the questionnaire and the secondary research included the internet research I carried out on costa coffee loyalty cards and the different types of coffee shops in Weston Super Mare. The two research methods I used were vital for me to do in order to help me gain the widest range of knowledge on my subject. It also allowed me to gain applicable and precise data I need in order to produce and plan the new coffee shop. These methods also permitted me to cover every one of my aims and targets, by doing this it means that I was very successful with my research as well as it being…show more content…
I discovered particular segments of data that was particular to me and coffee shops. This went well since everyone who filled out my questionnaire answered it with detail and took care in the answers which made it more accurate. From carrying out my questionnaire I discovered what people like about coffee shops and what ones they like to go to, this is a positive thing which I will consider and maintain in my development for the new coffee shop. Additionally, I also discovered from my questionnaire, that the target audience for coffee shops were 41-50 year olds. Once knowing this it made the rest of my research more effective because I was able to find out what people didn’t like and what they did like about coffee shops. Since I could realise what individuals didn't care for and what they liked about coffee shops it made my research more

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