Explain Why Soccer Is The Best Sport In The World Essay

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Pena, Anderson
25 april, 2017

Soccer the greatest sport in the world

Do you ever wonder what is the greatest sport in the world ? There are many sport in the world some are more popular than other. Sometimes it depends where you live you can be born into the sport or learn how to love it. Some other people have different thing they like. I think soccer it the best sport overall because they have Leagues all over the world, they also have many different event , and they are the most international sport teams in the world.

Soccer has many leagues all over the world the Barclay is the biggest league, La Liga having two of the world 's most famous team, and MLS being a league in the USA. Barclay or also known as the Premier League is the biggest league having 20 team in total and having famous team like Chelsea and Manchester United help keep them as one of the
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But soccer takes this event to a different level by not just including a few country or a continent they include the whole world The World cup. The world cup is a event held every four year and any country can join, The World cup has two stages the Group Stage and the knockout stage, the group stage takes the top 32 team and split them in four groups of eight based on their FIFA status, the knockout stage is where 16 teams compete with each other tam to see who will win the cup there are no draw , the winner will be decide with penalty kick or extra time. The FA cup is where 276 out of 296 in 14 division play against each other to win the team who wins gets a cup, there are many good team that compete for it Arsenal having 12 wins and in second pace manchester united with 11. Copa America is a self explanatory event where international team from North,Central and South america compete to see who is the best “American” soccer team.Events a a good thing that soccer has but unlike most sport they have team playing

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