Explain Why Some Places Portraits Are Placed And What Functions Are Related To These Places

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1. What are some places portraits are placed and what functions are related to these places?
Portraits can be placed in a number of diverse locations. The functions of portraits tend to depend on the location in which they are situated. Portraits are often situated in galleries. In such places, portraits are to be observed as works of art, as likenesses of “worthy” individuals, such as historical figures or other sorts of celebrities, or as depictions of ancestors. Their function is, generally, to elevate the status of the person(s) to whom the gallery belongs. Such portraits as mentioned previously are frequently found in official buildings, like courthouses, banks, capitols, etc. In such instances, portraits are placed in these locations
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One of the main reasons that portraits of famous individuals have been, and continue to be, such a prominent kind of portrait is because of the detailed record it creates. Without portraits – barring their inevitable inaccuracies – there would be no way for us to visualize those celebrated figures from the past, except from textual descriptions. Such descriptions cannot replace the powerful tool for historical records that portraits provide. Many portraits serve as biographies through their use of symbols and other such iconography to provide meaningful information about the sitter. Portraits of famous people also serve as means of inspiration for many. Those who are successful in certain fields provide an example for others to follow.
3. What change occurred in the 19th century in terms of the context of portraits?
In the 19th century, portraits began to be created and collected in order to represent people that were important nationally, as opposed to those portraits for dynastic collections that were only important to certain families as signs of status. Portraits were created, primarily, to flaunt the national celebrities who contributed to their society through historical achievements, be it through military, political, or creative

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