Explain Why Students Should Be Allowed To Eat In Class

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Being hungry is a form of physical pain. Students often become hungry during school, which make them focus on their hungry other than school work. Students can barely concentrate when they are hungry. But on the other hand, eating in school can be very loud and obnoxious. Students should be allowed to eat in class, because it helps the mind focus and stay on task. I also believe that students should be allowed to eat in class, because they need to stay well nourished. Throughout the school day, students often become less focused and eager to stay on task during school. This is becoming an ever increasing problem. This could easily be fixed with a snack throughout the day. Snacking is important because children have smaller stomachs than adults, and cannot necessarily eat enough to stay full in one meal or sitting. Also studies have shown that snacking can…show more content…
But these points do not matter because with these snacks there would be an additional three minutes to the class breaks. This would give students the option to eat his or her snack before the start of class. With this added time, more would be taken away from class. But with the students being more focused, and nourished, it would not matter because the students would get more done, and pay much more attention. Snacking has proven to increase energy rates, which would help students’ and schools if used right. Snacking would keep students minds focused on their work and what is going on in the classroom. Although some time may be lost during the extended breaks, it would be made up. There is no point for students to sit through a class on an empty stomach and not be paying attention. This would all be solved by students being able to eat in class because it helps the mind focus and stay on task. Also students need to stay well
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